Build your web-designs with great flexibility.

Editable templates in no time, with no backend programming.
(or code away with our API)

Let clients edit their content with a smile on their face.

Intuitive content editing that anyone can use.
Get satisfaction instead of phone calls.

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Advanced possibilities for designers.
Easy tools for clients.

A CMS shouldn't get in the way of the design. A CMS should make content-editing a breeze.
Each perspective demands it's own tool. Spike offers both.

Easy and intuitive

Your clients can edit their content in an easy and intuitive way. Nothing more.

Just add a class

Making your templates editable by simply adding a class.

Easy image management

Images are part of a page, not of some abstract library.

Total control

How many editable areas per template? How many templates? It's up to you.

Define relations

Define which templates can be a child-page of other templates, and which can’t.

Creative freedom

Create any kind of website. From simple HTML to award winning dynamic ajax powered masterpieces.

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